Apex Legends

Caustic Players Turn Armories into Inescapable Traps

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Be careful entering the armories on Storm Point — there may just be a Caustic waiting to strike.

Apex Legends players have been enjoying the new features that have been rolled out in the game's latest season — Saviors. One such feature has seen IMC Armories crop up on Storm Point which provide players with necessary items and equipment that could drastically extend their survival.

Placed at the edges of the map, they're best accessed as early on as possible so as not to risk getting caught in the storm. But lately, Caustic players have found away to turn these saving graces into death traps.

Caustic Players Target IMC Armories in Apex Legends

What's happening here is that Caustics are infiltrating armories ahead of the competition and then discreetly waiting in the corners. Cue a squad coming in, unaware, and activating the armory. The players are then locked in as soon as they start the hacking.

This is when the Caustic strikes — setting off their gas traps which begin affecting the trapped players. The targets are then left with two choices: take out the sentries as quick as possible, or hunt for the Caustic. Either way, they're battling against the clock.

It's a sneaky, but clever play. However, there are ways to spot the tactic before it grabs you. Players have pointed out that the ramp is a giveaway, saying that it only opens when someone is near it. Regardless, in the heat of the moment, you might just forget to look — finding yourself ensared in a deadly trick.