Cavalry Tracer Skin Revealed in Overwatch Archives 2021

Cavalry Tracer
Cavalry Tracer / Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Cavalry Tracer is one of five new Legendary Overwatch skins released Tuesday in the Overwatch Archives event.

This year's Archives theme digs not into the history of Overwatch or its characters, but instead into the history of those characters' countries. Cavalry Tracer's name plays on her catchphrase, but the skin's design recalls the uniforms of the British army in the 18th century. She wears the classic waistcoat and tricorne Americans will recognize from the Revolutionary War as the symbol of British tyranny.

Cavalry Tracer Revealed in Overwatch Archives 2021

Other skins in the event follow a similar schema. Bushi Genji adopts the aesthetic of feudal Japan's samurai, 1776 Soldier 76 responds to Tracer's Redcoat with an 18th-century American army uniform, and so on for Zarya and Widowmaker.

All five Legendary skins, plus three Epic ones and heaps of other cosmetics, will be available from the Archives' Tuesday start until its April 27 end date.