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CD Projekt Outlines Business Changes Following Cyberpunk 2077 Fiasco

CD Projekt Group revealed changes to its strategies for the coming years.
CD Projekt Group revealed changes to its strategies for the coming years. / Photo courtesy of CD Projekt

CD Projekt will shift its development strategies following the rocky release of Cyberpunk 2077, the company announced to investors Tuesday.

Starting in 2022, the company will have its development arm, CD Projekt Red, work on multiple triple-A games and expansions at a time rather than having the team focus on a single project. The single-project strategy has been the studio's go-to for successes in the past, and The Witcher 3 is the most successful product of the approach. The new strategy should help mitigate the potential risk around each individual release by ensuring the company has other irons in the fire.

The studio will continue to focus on single-player RPGs, but hopes to expand the most popular IP produced for those games into new types of media and content.

In the clearest reference to Cyberpunk 2077's tortured development and release cycle, CD Projekt says future games marketing campaigns will be shorter, with promotional content arriving much more closely to the corresponding game's release date.

The presentation did not mention CD Projekt Red's widely reported crunch problem. The closest the presentation came to acknowledging crunch was saying it hoped to promote an open workplace, support employee mental health, and create a new internal team to ensure voices across the company are heard.

Finally, CD Projekt has acquired the Vancouver-based studio Digital Scapes. The two companies have been partners since 2018, and the Canadian company will serve as the base for a larger CD Projekt Red Vancouver studio.