Celi Lata Genshin Impact: What Does it Mean?

"Celi Lata" in Genshin Impact is a term in Hilichurlian, the language you'll have to learn to take part in the Mimi Tomo event.

The Mimi Tomo event is all about communicating with Hilichurls, the goblin-like creatures you typically wouldn't think twice about killing in Genshin Impact. It turns out that Hilichurls are intelligent creatures with their own culture and customs, and even language. In the event, you'll follow Hilichurlian scholar Ella Musk and converse with these creatures in order to find the Unusual Hilichurl.

Celi Lata Genshin Impact: What Does it Mean?

You might hear the term "Celi Lata" when a Hilichurl asks you for a certain item.

To figure out what the term means, you can consult your Handy Handbook of Hilichurlian that Ella Musk gave you. You'll be able to consult the Handbook right away when you're given the term, but you can also find it in your inventory.

Genshin Impact Hilichurlian handbook celi lata

Your Handbook will tell you that "Celi" means hot, something that is hot, or fire. "Celi lata" is an unusual figure of speech as it implies both cold and heat; the term refers to things that give off light but not heat. For example, combining "Celi lata" with "gusha", which means vegetables, grasses, or fruits, results in the meaning "Small Lamp Grass." Other things "Celi lata" can refer to include fireflies, stars, or the moon.

When a Hilichurl asks for "Celi lata", there are a couple items you can find that'll comply with its meaning. You can either give him a Small Lamp Grass, or a Luminescent Spine, a material obtained from catching fireflies.

The more you play through the Mimi Tomo event, the more you'll come to appreciate the detailed complexities of the Hilichurlian language. If you get stuck, be sure to check out our other guides.