Cell and Frieza Fortnite Skins Leaked for Upcoming Dragon Ball Z Collaboration


New Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z skins were leaked by reputable community source HYPEX on social media exciting fans for what's to come in Epic Games' battle royale game.

Epic Games has previously released Dragon Ball skins in Fortnite including both Goku and Vegeta. Now, it seems the major villains are making their way to Fortnite with Golden Frieza and Cell planned. HYPEX posted a full leak detailing two new characters, unique pickaxes for each and a special glider.

Check out the full leak below.

Cell and Frieza Fortnite Skins Leaked for Upcoming Dragon Ball Z Collaboration

Here are the full list of leaked items, per HYPEX:

  • Frieza's Spaceship Glider
  • Frieza Skin
  • Cell Skin
  • Frieza's Spaceship Staff Pickaxe
  • Cell's Egg Shell Pickaxe

Of note, HYPEX's leak showcases Golden Frieza and Imperfect Cell. While both are in the Dragon Ball universe, the former is from Super and the latter Z. It'll be interesting to see if these skins can upgrade through means considering Cell has multiple forms. Or, perhaps Epic Games is holding out for future Dragon Ball collaborations and can include other forms of Cell like his Perfect form that appears when the Cell Games begin.

Fortnite Frieza and Cell Skins Release Date

According to HYPEX, Cell and Frieza will be released on Dec. 26. HYPEX also revealed that John Wick will return by Dec. 24, plus special OG Favs and 2023 Rewind bundles before the end of the year. HYPEX did also mention that the dates could change, but this is what is currently planned.

John Wick did return on Dec. 21, further adding believability to these leaks. But, it happened sooner than anticipated. So, keep an eye out if you're excited for Frieza and Cell to join the Fortnite ranks.