Centiskorch Location, Evolution, Stats, and Rarity in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Centiskorch in Pokemon Sword and Shield was introduced Generation VIII for the newly-released game. This Pokemon would be a good addition for any trainer looking for a Fire/Bug type. Here is where you can find Centiskorch's location and evolution rarity.

Centiskorch Location and Rarity

Centiskorch cannot be found in any location. It can only be evolved from Sizzlipede. Sizzlipede can be found at Route 3, all weather (Levels 8-13), with a 1% encounter rate.

Centiskorch Evolution

Centiskorch evolves from Sizzlipede at level 28. It also has a Gigatamax form.

Centiskorch Stats

Centiskorch has the abilities Flash Fire or White Smoke and has the hidden ability Flame Body.

Here are Centiskorch's stats:

  • Total 525
  • Attack 115
  • Special Attack 90
  • Defense 65
  • Special Defense 90
  • HP 100
  • Speed 65

Centiskorch is weak against Rock, Flying, and Water type Pokemon.