Cesaro Attends League of Legends Event At LCS Finals

WWE wrestler Cesaro attended a League of Legends event over the weekend as he was present for the LCA summer finals in Detroit, Mich.

The former tag team and United States champion attendedthe event and even joined the analyst desk Sunday

Cesaro, whose real name is Claudio Castagnoli, has also been continuing his League of Legends career as of late and have officially hit Silver.

Cesaro officially debuted in the gaming circuit during a celebrity event featuring a match between NXT vs WWE with Tyler1 and imaqtpie. He was on Team WWE and unfortunately ended up losing the event, but apparently this has done nothing but inspired him to practice his skills and get better at the game.

At the time of writing he has 348 ranked matches under his belt—of which 164 are wins and 184 are losses. He is currently ranked Solo Silver Four and his best champions are Sion, Garen, Blitzcrank, and Nasus. It seems like he plays the game frequently as his most recent match was just over 12 hours ago.

Cesaro currently has a KDA of 2.5 and his best roles are Top Laner and ADC. Surprisingly, among his roster of the tough male champions listed before, he also likes to play Poppy.

Fans of the wrestler and Riot's game have responded with similarly warm sentiments. Many have remarked how nice it is to see celebrities be interested in typically nerdy things like video games and comic books. Cesaro is also apparently a regular guest on the Youtube channel "UpUpDownDown".

Photo courtesy of Riot Games.