Challenger's Uprising: Everything You Need to Know

Challenger's Uprising is a new amateur tournament for League of Legends and allows a third-party brand host its own event.

What is Challengers Uprising?

Challenger's Uprising is a brand new League of Legends tournament sponsored by FACEIT, a company that hosts amateur esports tournaments. The idea behind the tournament is to create a feeder system to the LCS and continue to develop home-grown League of Legends talent in North America.

The teams will compete for a cash prize pool and qualification points (QP), a currency that will allow the eight teams who have earned the most to participate in the Scouting Ground Circuit Playoffs later this year. The players who play in the Scouting Ground Circut Playoffs will increase their chances of getting the opportunity to join an LCS roster. Out of the 16 teams participating in the tournament, eight organizations were invited to compete by FACEIT, while the other eight reached the tournament via open qualifiers in May.

Challengers Uprising Teams

Group A

  • ANEW Esports
  • LB Gurb Nation
  • Life Support
  • Mirage Esports
  • Polar Ace
  • Supernova
  • Team Fish Taco
  • Wildcard Gaming

Group B

  • 100 Thieves Next
  • Dark Allegiance
  • Dark Matter
  • Maryville University
  • World Class Empryrean
  • FrostFire
  • Radiance
  • Simplicity Esports

How to Watch Challengers Uprising

Challengers Uprising is available on their Twitch channel. The action returns July 22 when the top eight teams will battle it out in Arlington, Texas for the Challengers Uprising Championship. Tune in to see LCS's next wave of talent!