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Chance Fortnite Skin: How Much Does it Cost?

Chance and Clover outfits from Fortnite
Chance and Clover outfits from Fortnite | Epic Games

Chance Fortnite skin has hit the marketplace for Fortnite players.

The Chance Fortnite skin is now available for players looking to put that extra St. Patrick's Day spin on their character. This ginger and green female avatar is ready for purchase from the Item Shop in-game only a few days ahead of everyone's favorite luck-filled holiday.

Here's how much you can expect to spend if you'd like to add Chance's appearance to your wardrobe.

Chance Fortnite Skin: How Much Does it Cost?

The Chance skin currently costs 1200 V-Bucks on the Item Shop.

Players can earn V-Bucks through daily log-ins, daily quests, Battle Pass challenges, and purchasing the currency themselves with real world currency. A pack of 1000 V-Bucks will run you about $10 while a pack of 2500 V-Bucks will cost you around $25—which leaves you with 1300 V-Bucks left over to purchase anything else you'd like from the store.

Chance is a female avatar with long "red" orange hair kept under a neon green baseball cap. She has gray-green eyes and wears a neon green and white outfit complete with gloves, a pack of supplies strapped to her outer thigh, and even a metallic left calf.