Change the Color of 1000 Tiles Fortnite is one of two challenges released for the new Jumpman and Fortnite collaboration. Like the other challenge, which requires players to dance in between two food trucks in the Downtown Drop Limited Time Mode, this challenge also sends players into the LTM. Unlike the other challenge, this one can also be done in Creative Mode.

Here's how to complete it.

Change the Color of 1000 Tiles Fortnite: How to Complete the Challenge

To complete the challenge in the Downtown Drop LTM, players simply have to run over tiles in the game, as most of them will change color when run over. That means playing the LTM several times.

For the less patient among us, there are alternatives. This Creative island made by YouTuber InTheLittleWood is a map specially designed to make completing this challenge as quick and painless as possible. Just load it into your game and get to work.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games