Change This FC 24 Setting to Drastically Improve Your Defending

EA Sports

EA Sports FC 24 is available now in early access with a full release slated for Friday, Sept. 29. As players begin a new era of soccer/football games, there are some new settings players can take advantage of to improve your gameplay while learning the meta.

One of the biggest changes is the introduction of Tactical and Advanced Defending. Players can now choose how they want to defend with certain play styles. One setting in fact, is actually much better than the other and will improve your mindset and habits when defending.

Here's the difference between the two and why you should use one over the other.

Change This FC 24 Setting to Drastically Improve Your Defending

Players will want to immediately make sure that Tactical Defending is selected under the Gameplay tab of Game Settings.

  • Tactical Defending: Tactical Defending allows you to time your tackles and maintain your position. It will contextually choose, depending on a player's position, between a stand tackle and a more physical tackle when the button is pressed
  • Advanced Defending: Advanced Defending gives you the freedom to choose your tackle type. Press X/Square to attempt a stand tackle. Press X/A to attempt a shoulder challenge or a seal-out.

Advanced Defending ends up making your player actions with button inputs clunky and unpredictable. It can mean the difference between running down a winger and letting them get in behind for a dangerous pass or goal.

Another reason is that jockeying a player is even harder this year because of contextual dribbling and Controlled Sprint. Players who try to jockey a defender will more than likely end up conceding space for opponents to take advantage of.

Defending is extremely difficult in FC 24 for a number of reasons, but overcommitting by having Tactical Defending on can be minimized. It will take time to improve and eliminate hold habits from previous FIFA games, but immediately switching to Tactical Defending will help massively.