Cheapest 84 Rated Players Players FIFA 22: How to Find Them

Image courtesy of EA Sports

84 rated players in FIFA 22 have been hot commodities recently. With TOTS season finally upon us fodder for SBCs have been in demand as ever, especially with EA's TOTS Warmup Series. Here's everything you need to know about finding the cheapest SBC fodder you can, and the best places to do that.

Cheapest 84 Rated Players in FIFA 22

The easiest way to find the cheapest players you need for SBCs or your team in general is through FUTBIN. FUTBIN tracks all the different cards added to the game, and their price on different consoles as well.

If you head over to this link you will see a page that lists the cheapest players on the transfer market by their overall rating. Another feature of the page is that you can sort by promotion, so if you need an inform card for an SBC, or are looking for a specific promotion for your team, you can sort that way.

With TOTS SBCs likely coming out every day, make sure to keep an eye on the cheapest players at each price level, so you can save your coins for any players or packs you want to buy during the TOTS promo.