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Child Streams Fortnite to Raise Funds for Father's Cancer Treatment

ZylTV is streaming to raise money for his father's cancer treatment.

A 13-year-old Fortnite streamer has begun raising funds to help pay for his father's cancer treatment, and the community has shown up in support.

Since the beginning of July, 13-year-old zylTV has been streaming for 10 hours each day, reaching more than 30,000 followers. Those followers, plus thousands of other viewers, have helped him raise close to $15,000 to pay for his father's chemotherapy. Fellow Fortnite streamers Xxif and Ronaldo have also contributed to pay for zylTV and his father to attend the Fortnite World Cup in New York.

According to zylTV, his father suffers from Stage 4 cancer. The total raised thus far has eclipsed zlyTV's original funding goal by more than triple.

ZylTV's father has appeared on stream to thank the contributors.

"Thank you so much guys for everything," he said Friday. "And I appreciate, what you guys [are] doing. And my son, too. Thanks, thanks, thanks a lot."

ZylTV is still accepting donations on his Twitch channel.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games