Chimchar Evolution Pokémon GO

Chimchar Evolution Pokémon Go
Chimchar Evolution Pokémon Go / Photo courtesy by Niantic, Inc.

Chimchar Evolution Pokémon Go is the Fire-type Starter Pokémon of the Sinnoh region.

Chimchar the fire-type Pokemon is introduced in Generation IV, it evolves into Monferno. Monferno evolution turns into an orange chimpanzee with a flame at the tip of its tail much like Charmander. The third evolution, Monferno evolves into Infernape, a fire, and fighting type Pokemon. Three evolutions in total for our starter-type pokemon friend.

Evolutions / Photo courtesy by The Pokémon Company

Chimchar Evolution Pokémon Go

Chimchar Evolution in Pokémon Go is a simple journey to obtain if you have all the candies. Candy is the most important resource in Pokémon Go, enabling you to power up and evolve your Pokémon; Candy is usually combined with Stardust. To evolve Chimchair, players will need:

  • Minimum of 25 candy for its first evolution
  • 100 candy for its second evolution
  • 100 candy for its third evolution

The maximum stats for this Pokémon each evolution are:


  • MAX CP of 815
  • ATK of 113
  • DEF of 86
  • STA of 88


  • MAX CP of 1415
  • ATK of 158
  • DEF of 105
  • STA of 108


  • MAX CP of 2464
  • ATK of 222
  • DEF of 151
  • STA of 152

Chimchar is a great Pokémon with a lot of room for growth, with three evolutions in total that require a decent amount of candy to reach its full potential.