Game for Peace, Tencent's replacement for PUBG Mobile in China, reportedly earned more than $14 million in the first three days of its release.

The title, which Tencent released Wednesday, swapped out PUBG's blood and death for a patriotic tribute to China's air force. Bullets now cause colorful lights to flash instead of drawing blood, and defeated enemies wave goodbye before disappearing rather than dying.

China approved the title for monetization relatively quickly, allowing Tencent to send its PUBG Mobile players directly onto a money-making platform. As a result, American app analytics firm Sensor Tower reports the game made $14 million on iOS alone in the first three days of its release.

According to Sensor Tower, that's more than six times what PUBG Mobile made in all other markets combined in the same time span. (H/T Reuters)

Numbers for Android revenues are hard to come by — Google doesn't operate in China, leaving the country without a centralized Android app location — but as Androids are more popular in China, revenue from those devices is likely substantial.

Photo courtesy of Tencent