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Chivalry 2 Crossplay Not Working: Is There a Fix?

Two knights readying for battle
Two knights readying for battle / Torn Banner Studios

Chivalry 2 crossplay not working is a recent issue some players have been running into. Is there anything players can do to fix this?

Chivalry 2 Crossplay Not Working

Currently, the cross-platform technology Torn Banner Studios has on their hands for Chivalry 2 is not the best, and limited at the moment.

As the writing of this article, Torn Banner Studios is working to implement a crossplay party and invite system in future updates, something Chivalry 2 is lacking at the moment.

Torn Banner Studios has acknowledged many of the shortcomings in terms of crossplay tech, as well as directly addressing player's issues on Twitter - which is fantastic to see. Communities on the inside and potential players looking on the outside love to see a direct system of communication between regular players and devs.

Despite this, the best thing you can do to fix your crossplay issue in Chivalry 2 is wait for Torn Banner to implement continued fixes in the coming time.