ChocoTaco and WackyJacky101 PUBG Items Teased on Twitter

The official PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Twitter teased upcoming content creator skins Tuesday for Jake "ChocoTaco" Throop and WackyJacky 101.

ChocoTaco and WackyJacky PUBG skins teased

ChocoTaco, a Twitch streamer Team SoloMid, and WackyJacky, a content creator specializing in deep analytical PUBG content, will be the next wave of personalities to receive in-game weapon skins.

ChocoTaco had a Beryl M762 and parachute detailed in his branding, while WackyJacky101 has a VSS sniper rifle in a sleek black and white chromatic skin.

No other information regarding the skins were announced other than the promotional images that were used.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp