Chug Splash Fortnite is the headlining addition in Fortnite Patch 9.30, which landed on live servers Tuesday. The item is unique in Fortnite, allowing players to give their teammates shields and health directly.

Chug Splash Fortnite: New Item Appears in Patch Notes

When thrown, a Chug Splash will explode upon contact with a wall or floor, splashing liquid in a small area of effect. Players within that area will instantly receive 20 health or, if they're already fully healed, 20 shields. If they would receive healing to full health, the difference is added as shields.

The Chug Splash can heal allies and enemies alike, and can even extend the lives of players who have already been knocked down.

Players will find Chug Splashes as floor loot, and in chests, vending machines, supply drops and llamas. The item is rare and spawns in stacks of two, with a maximum stack size of six.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games