Cities: Skylines 2 Release Date

Paradox Interactive, Colossal Order Ltd.

The sequel to Cities: Skylines, Cities: Skylines 2, was revealed at the Paradox Announcement Show earlier today. The hit series returns with upgraded visuals and, hopefully, new features to build on the success that was the original game.

Cities: Skylines 2 provides players with the experience to build a city from the ground-up, so it is up to their creativity and strategic skills to make sure the city runs successfully. Further, by considering how businesses' revenues and options presented to players manifest, players must think critically to create the bustling city of the player's dreams.

The original Cities: Skylines was called "one of the best-selling management games of its decade", according to a tweet from the game's official Twitter.

Cities: Skylines 2 Release Date

No concrete release date has been confirmed for Skylines 2, but the game is set to come out sometime later this year. When an official date is provided, interested players can check DBLTAP for information.

No price was mentioned forthe game either, but the original costed $30, so players should expect something similar for the sequel.

The game is confirmed to be available on PC (by way of Steam), the PS5 and Xbox Gamepass. With several options for players to be able to experience the sequel to the original game, it'll be easier for access to the game to be achieved.

Players can keep up with further developments made for the game by checking the game's official website, or their Twitter.