City of Flowers Receives Another Teaser Trailer for Valorant

Riot Games

Valorant’s new map, City of Flowers, received another teaser trailer!  In the video released by Valorant’s newest Public Beta Environment (5.08), Valorant’s newest agent, Harbor, shared more news about the undiscovered city of Brimstone. 

The lore deepens as Harbor, in his message, explains how the City of Flowers connects the Alpha and Omega Earth as the multiverse nexus. On Alpha Earth, the city is in ruin, whereas, on Omega Earth, the city flourishes with life and civilization. However, if powered up by the Legion there is no room to absorb the shock on Alpha Earth, and the effects would be catastrophic. 

City of Flowers Valorant

The new map appears to be inspired by the Indian city of Jaipur. Implementing the same elements as the actual city, the new location in the game is set to be structured around it. Additionally, the name The City of Flowers, seems to be a direct reference to the fact that Jaipur is considered the 'Pink City' for its famous flower market.

The teased map will be the home of the newest addition to Valorant’s agent roster, Harbor. Equipped with the special water abilities: High Tide, Cove, and Cascade, Harbor can prove to be a powerful member of any team. Harbor debuted in the game during Episode 5, Act 3 on Oct. 12.