Clauncher Pokémon GO Revealed for Season of Legends Event

The new Rivals Week will start on April 13.
The new Rivals Week will start on April 13. | Courtesy of Niantic.

Clauncher is one of the newest Pokémon to join the Pokémon GO family. Niantic came out earlier this week hinting at the next big thing for the Season of Legends event - Rivals Week.

As the name suggests, the theme for the upcoming event will be focused on those few Pokémon with well-known rivalries. From finding the likes of Zangoose or Seviper in the wild, trainers will also be able to encounter them in raids or even after completing Field Research tasks.

Clauncher to Arrive in Pokémon GO

That is not all however as with other events, such as the Searching for Legends week, the upcoming Rivals Week will also feature the debut of several new Pokémon to the Pokémon Go universe. One of these new Pokémon is none other than Clauncher.

While you might think that a single type Pokémon such as the water-type Clauncher may not have as big a range as a dual or more type, there are benefits. For one, that Clauncher is less vulnerable to a large range of types than many other Pokémon. But, if you want to find out for yourselves, you don't have much time to prepare. These Pokémon will become available from 10 am (local time) on April 13, to 8 pm (local time) on April 18 as part of the Limited-Time Event.