Clever Warzone Trick to Get $30K Within Seconds After Landing

Image courtesy of Activision.

Warzone Pacific players have figured out a clever trick to get $30,000 in just 30 seconds after dropping into a game.

When gamers hop into a match, they can earn some money by completing contracts and eliminating opponents. This cash can then be used to buy killstreaks or loadouts to help get kills. Unfortunately, after the cash flow got nerfed, it's become more difficult to do this.

Here's a simple trick to make $30,000 within 30 seconds of landing in Caldera.

Warzone Trick to Get $30K Within Seconds After Landing

The clip above was posted on Reddit by player jamcowl, where they demonstrated a simple trick to quickly destroy Armored Convoy Trucks. Featured on Caldera, these vehicles can be destroyed to award COD fans with plenty of loot, such as the Nebula V rounds, killstreaks, and cash.

Here's how players can take down these seemingly indestructible vehicles to get loot:

  1. Land directly onto an Anti-Aircraft Truck
  2. Drive it to the location of a nearby Armored Convoy Truck
  3. Switch to the gunner’s seat
  4. Use the Anti-Aircraft gun to take out the convoy

Redditor jamcowl was able to land directly onto an Anti-Aircraft Truck in the Mines area. He then proceeded to use these four steps to obliterate an Armored Convoy Truck before collecting their $30,000 cash reward.

User jamcowl claims that players can take out these trucks “in a single burst of AA fire before it even overheats once.” Without this neat trick, gamers would usually need to use 150-200 rounds of Assault Rifle ammo or 4-6 rockets to get this done.