Cloud9 Blue Signs Poiz to 6-Man Valorant Roster

Photo Courtesy of Cloud9

Michael "poiz" Possis will join the Cloud9 Blue Valorant squad, filling the void left by Tyson "TenZ" Ngo's departure from the active roster, the team announced Friday. He brings the lineup to six players, a relative rarity in Valorant.

Poiz, a Dallas, Texas native, started his competitive career in Overwatch before transitioning to Valorant. He said he was surprised by the invitation to join Cloud9, but he was happy to don the team's iconic blue jersey.

Poiz is a Jett specialist, and he says TenZ provided informal training on the agent before the two were on the same team.

"I definitely watched TenZ a lot," poiz said in the video announcing his signing. "I learned a lot about Jett from him, I used to watch his streams a lot."

"When he said that he was going to step down, it kind of caught me off guard, but I respect his decision and I think I'll do a good job of playing Jett for C9."

As the sixth player on the roster, poiz will sub in and out during matches according to the team's strategy. Although the six-man roster has become more common in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant teams have been reluctant to adopt it. Rotating players mid-match can affect their rhythm, and team dynamics can take a hit as a result.

Poiz will play alongside recent additions Nathan "leaf" Orf and Seon-ho "xeta" Son, as well as standbys Skyler "Relyks" Weaver, Mitchell "mitch" Semago and Daniel "Vice" Kim. Coach Euteum "Autumn" Yoon and assistant coach James "Jamezirl" Macaulay will lead the team as it looks to earn a spot in Challengers Two when qualifiers open Feb. 10.