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Cloud9 Releases League Championship Series 2022 Starting Roster

Promo image of the LCS Summit Spring 2022
Promo image of the LCS Summit Spring 2022 / Photo via League Championship Series / LCSOfficial

League of Legends esports team Cloud9 just announced their 2022 League Championship Series team.

The roster was announced via a YouTube video, a Twitter statement from Cloud9's account, and the LCSOfficial account.

Cloud9 Releases League Championship Series 2022 Starting Roster

Cloud9 starts fresh with an replaced roster, starting the 2022 season with a brand new team.

1. Summit

Park Woo-tae, more commonly known as Summit, will be playing for Cloud9 as their top laner. He previously represented South Korea at the International Esports Federation 9th eSports World Championship.

2. Blaber

Robert "Blaber" Huang currently plays for Cloud9 as their jungler and will remain on the team until 2022. He won the NA Most Valuable Player in Spring 2020 and 2021.

3. Fudge

Ibrahim Allami, known as his username Fudge, is Cloud9's mid laner this season. Previously, Fudge had been a top laner. His contract expires Nov. 18, 2025.

4. Berserker

Kim "Berserker" Min-cheol is the current bot laner for Cloud9. He was previously in the T1 LCK Challengers League. He has no known social media.

5. Winsome

Kim Dong-keon, more commonly known as Winsome, has been selected to play support for Cloud9. While playing for HUYATV, he had previously been known under the name Ramca.

6. Isles

Jonah "Isles" Rosario plays support for Cloud9 Academy and Cloud9. He's known to have played for Legacy Esports, Mammoth Academy, and Avant Gaming.

The team consists of Summit and Blaber, two experienced players, and some younger players ready to get in on the LCS games.

Cloud9 seems to be set for a good season with this roster, but only time will tell.