Cloud9's HObbit⁠ Implicated in CS:GO Match-Fixing Allegations, According to New Report

HObbit at PGL Major Antwerp in 2022.
HObbit at PGL Major Antwerp in 2022. / Image courtesy of PGL

Cloud9's HObbit⁠ among other CS:GO players have been reportedly engaged in match-fixing in 2015.

Former professional KazakhstanCS:GO player Rustam “⁠5TRYK#R⁠” Alimkulov has alleged that the sponsorless team called PARTY, which he played in alongside Bektiyar “⁠fitch⁠” Bahytov and current Cloud9 player Abay “⁠HObbit⁠” Khasenov, was engaged in attempts at match fixing — as described in a new report by Dexerto's Richard Lewis.

The attempts were said to have happened at the StarLadder Regional Minor Championship CIS closed qualifier in 2015. In the report, the team were involved in attempting to spot-fix certain elements of the match, such as placing bets on their own team losing pistol rounds.

According to 5TRYK#R, PARTY were supposed to lose the first pistol round of each of their three group stage matches, placing bets on it. Each player would have stood to earn around $5,000 from the bets. But apparently some of the bets were canceled by the bookmaker after it aroused suspicion.

5TRYK#R told Lewis, “We did not earn anything from the match because Fitch told other people [outside the team] and so the bets were cancelled,

We also had our team and clan tag banned by the bookmaker.”

HObbit took to Twitter after Dexerto published the report to deny the allegations, saying "I have never been involved in match-fixing. Fully prepared to assist in @ESIC_Official investigation."

"All that I have achieved, I earned with my hard work and perseverance. My reputation is above all to me."