cNed Linked to Twitch Money Laundering Scandal

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games

One of Valorant's most high-profile players, Turkish phenom Mehmet Yağız " cNed" İpek has been one of the players tied up in the money laundering scandal blazing through Twitch currently. The Acend star came out and stated his accidental culpability in the scam, while having denied any knowledge that the money was coming from an untrustworthy source.

The Turkish Valorant star's statement comes in the wake of a Riot Games investigation into many different streamers and players who have received exorbitant amounts of bit payments in the last year. All of this information stems from the data leak of Twitch earnings from earlier this year. After being given the data for what streamers are making on a yearly basis, some noticed a bit of a discrepancy. Multiple streamers in the Turkey area, especially Valorant players, had been given bits at an abnormally high rate, eventually being linked to a scheme to launder money through Twitch.

cNed and Acend came out together to address the concerns many had over the involvement he had in the scandal. Denying that cNed had any idea as to the malicious nature of what was happening, he was unwillingly made an accomplice of the people laundering the money. According to him, it was a one-time occurrence where cNed had no knowledge of the dirty money. His brother, a fellow Valorant streamer, was also involved, though seemingly more aware of it than cNed. Whether or not the truth is being given by cNed and Acend, Riot will continue to investigate all parties involved with this scheme, and those who are deemed to have been knowingly involved could see serious jail time for their crimes.