Cobalion Counters Pokemon GO: How to Defeat the Legendary Beast

Cobalion Counters in Pokemon GO are an essential skill to learn when looking to capture the Legendary master of the Swords of Justice trio. The best counters against Cobalion are fire, electric and psychic type moves.

Cobalion Counters Pokemon GO

Cobalion's type, steel and fighting, makes it a physical attacking powerhouse, allowing it to sweep through any powerful opponents in gyms and take a lot of physical hits. However, strong special attackers with electric-type, fire-type, or psychic-type moves can prove to be a major counter against Cobalion. Luckily for Cobalio, their charge move is Close Combat, which can deal a lot of damage to pretty much any Pokemon that's not a ghost-type.

While Cobalion's steel typing does increase its resistance to psychic, fire and electric-type moves are probably the most effective. If you have obtained either Moltres or Zapdos from a previous legendary raid, add either or both to your team, as they will be able to use their Flare Blitz or Thunder charge moves for a devastating attack.

Should Cobalion take down either of these legendary birds, having a backup ground-type Pokemon is a great strategy. Physical walls like Dugtrio or Golem are excellent counters to Cobalion, while Dugtrio's Earthquake move can be used for dealinga devastating amount of damage.

Image Courtesy Niantic