Cocoon Release Date Information

Courtesy of Geometric Interactive

When will Cocoon be released?

Xbox Bethesda had a massive Game Showcase on June 12, revealing more information on highly anticipated games such as Overwatch 2 and the along waited Starfield.

Xbox also put the spotlight on some very interesting indie games that are coming to Xbox Series X and PC. One of the games announced was Cocoon, a sci-fi puzzle adventure game. What makes Cocoon stand above the rest of the indie games shown, is that it comes from the minds of the creators behind cult-classics such as Limbo and Inside.

Cocoon Release Date Information

With the announcement only being a short teaser trailer, there unfortunately no set release date yet. The game is so early in development that it still hasn't been given an official rating from ESRB.

Even with the ambiguity, Cocoon is confirmed to be released sometime within 2023, and will be available day one on the Xbox Game Pass, meaning players can access the game for free on launch day.

With what seems like plenty of time until Cocoon will release, expect more trailers, news, and game play to be shown in the upcoming months. Until then, fans will have to digest what was shown at the showcase.