CoD Leaks Reveal Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Details

New leaks have surfaced regarding the upcoming CoD installment.
New leaks have surfaced regarding the upcoming CoD installment. / Photo courtesy of Activision

New leaks for the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 have recently surfaced by way of leaker and insider TheGhostofHope, which showcase new details about the Multiplayer mode set to arrive in late 2022. While we're still months away from the Modern Warfare sequel, plenty of news has already leaked, and now we have more on the game's online mode.

According to a series of tweets by TheGhostofHope, there will be various adjustments and changes to different aspects of multiplayer. The most notable regarding the Perks system, which they claimed will now allow players to select four, as opposed to the classic three.

“Not giving details on specific perks but the way MWII is approaching perks is that you can choose 4 Perks,” they said. “This means you get to choose 2 in the first column. 1 in the second column. 1 in the third column. From what I was told the first column is more of choosing your playstyle.” More perks mean more varieties of loadouts for your operator to use and different ways to engage in battle.

On top of the new information regarding perks, they confirmed that no perk is required to give players a classic minimap – meaning unsilenced weapons will show up as red dots for everyone.

“Classic Minimap is indeed present in Modern Warfare II,” they stated. “No perk necessary.”

One bit of news that the CoD community might not be excited to hear is that the notorious Last Stand ability will be available in Modern Warfare 2 as a field upgrade. According to TheGhostofHope, "Last Stand is currently in Modern Warfare II and functions as a field upgrade instead of a perk." Here's hoping this changes soon, otherwise there will be some painful nostalgia in the new MWII.

Lastly, TheGhostofHope shared comments about MWII’s maps, claiming they will be more classic 3-lane styles. Modern Warfare 2019’s maps came in with heavy criticism, so here's hoping the new ones will be more solid and open.

Stay tuned for more updates and leaks as they come for the new Modern Warfare 2.