Call of Duty

CoD Streamer Gets Snipe Kills Using Just a Recorder

Image courtesy fo DeanoBeano

A clip has surfaced from TikTok showing a Call of Duty streamer using a recorder instead of a controller, and being quite good with it.

There's been a growing rise of players challenging themselves to play and beat games using controllers that aren't really controllers. We've seen people playing Doom on a piano, beating Elden Ring on a dance mat, and now we've got a streamer getting snipe kills on a recorder.

The clip, which originated on TikTok, was tweeted out by Barstool Sports and features Twitch streamer DeanoBeano using the instrument to line-up kills in Call of Duty.

The recorder isn't the most pleasant sounding instruments around. For many, it brings back painful memories of classroom music classes filled with the sounds of off-key, breathy screeches. Here, at least, the infamous sound is being put to an amusing use.

With a few timely puffs, the streamer lines up his sights to an enemy darting around in the distance. A few seconds later, the streamer fires out a shot with a sharp whistle and takes out the enemy player.

Of course, from the short clip it's hard to tell how successful he was during the rest of the match — but it's impressive nonetheless. Catch me in the woodwind-only lobbies from now on.