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Code 429 Apex Legends: How to Fix the Error

Photo by Respawn Entertainment

Code 429 in Apex Legends is an error code players might encounter. One of the more common error codes, Code 429 is a connection error code, and often appears when a new update is added to the game, like when a new Legend or major changes are added to the game.

With the addition of the newest Legend, Valkyrie, slated for Tuesday, it makes sense that some eager players ready to try out the brand new character might encounter some unforeseen challenges when starting up the game, and encounter Code 429. Here's what you can do to combat this error code.

Code 429 Apex Legends: How to Fix the Error

Unlike many connection issues with online games, which are primarily related to the user's internship and connection, Code 429 is related to the game's servers, which means there isn't much that a player on their end can do to solve the problem. Mainly, the two things that players can do is keep trying to get into the game and have patience with Respawn's support staff.

With a major update like this, it makes sense that the servers for Apex Legends would be undergoing some difficulties, but issues like this are generally resolved quickly, within a few hours or so. A major update usually brings plenty of excitement, especially with a dedicated fanbase like the one Apex Legends has, but remaining patient with Respawn is crucial when dealing with server-related issues, and that remains key in this instance.