Code Vein Character Creator: How In-Depth is it?

Code Vein character creator allows you to create your very own anime character. But how in-depth is it? Here, we tell you how detailed the Code Vein character creator really is.

Bandai Namco, the creators of the Soulsborne series, have never really made character creators that were incredibly detailed, and primarily involved presets. However, Code Vein's character creator has a plethora of options and settings that allow you to make your character unique.

Code Vein Character Creator: How In-Depth is it?

Upon first creating your character, you will have to choose your name, as well as a code name. Afterwards, you will be able to pick your character's gender. Once you choose your gender, you will be given plenty of options to change your characters appearance to your liking. You can choose several aspects of your character such as their physique, skin, eyes, face, clothing, and even more.

Code Vein's character creator has more depth and detail than any other character creator that Bandai Namco has ever made for the previous titles. Make sure you get your hands on Code Vein when it releases on Sept. 27.

Photo courtesy of Bandai Namco Studios