Collect Books From Sweaty Sands Fortnite: How to Complete

Photo Courtesy of Epic Games

Collecting books From Sweaty Sands in Fortnite and how to complete the weekly challenge seems like a tough one. Books? Really? They have got to be tiny. At least Fortnite let us know the general area. And luckily for you - we know how to find them.

Weekly challenges can be, well, challenging. So there's nothing wrong with asking for a bit of help now and then. We certainly have no problem with it.

Collect Books From Sweaty Sands Fortnite: How to Complete

Overall, for this challenge you need to collect 5 books, but we'll focus on some of the ones in Sweaty Sands (more are located at Holly Hedges). All the books are near ground level, so you should not have to climb.

Now, as for locations? Try the central house (multicoloured), you'll find the book near the kitchen counter. Next, go to the big apartment building in the East, the book should be in front of the bookshelf next to the desk. Lastly, the small house across the street from the big apartment building. The book is in front of a bookshelf.

So while yes, they generally are quite small objects in a big map, the books do glow blue. So don't worry if you think you've missed one. They are however tucked away inside buildings, so you still need a keen eye.