Collect Three Alien Devices in Fortnite: How to Complete

Image courtesy of Epic Games

The Fortnite Legendary Quests have begun for Week 12 of Chapter 2: Season 7. As always, players will have one week to complete the challenges before a new set is revealed.

This week, one of the Quests tasks players with collecting three Alien Devices and then using them to activate the Countermeasure Device underneath Corny Complex. While there's a bit more to this quest then some of the others in the set, it's a fairly easy task for players to complete.

Where to Find Three Alien Devices in Fortnite

Firstly, players will need to know what to looks for. The Alien Devices are fairly small purple orbs so they could be easy to miss against some of the more purple environments.

There are a few locations where the Devices can be found:

  • North of Corny Complex, by the river. Players should look for a patch of purple grass. The Alien Device should be next to a tree, towards the lower side of a hill.
  • The East side of the large purple crater towards the center of the map. The Alien Device should be between two trees and near a bush.
  • Directly South of Corny Complex. Next to a normal tree on a patch of purple grass.

Once all three have been collected, players will need to take them to the Countermeasure Device in Corny Complex.

Where is the Countermeasure Device in Fortnite?

The Countermeasure Device can be found in a bunker, underneath the red barn in Corny Complex. Players will need to watch out for hostile NPCs if they're looking to get through this quest unharmed. Once inside, players should make their way to the Southwest room to find the Countermeasure Device.

The Device has three slots for the Alien Devices. Simply interact with the machine to place the orbs and complete the quest. Players can earn 30,000 XP from completing this Legendary Quest.