Combat Shotgun Fortnite stats are fairly powerful. Although it was a big risk for Epic Games to remove the Pump Shotgun, Fortnite received a rather powerful addition.

It's probably the longest-ranged shotgun to date.

Combat Shotgun Fortnite Stats Rarity

The Combat Shotgun has three drop rates: Rare, Epic, and Legendary or blue, purple, and orange.

Combat Shotgun Fortnite Stats

The gun does a base damage of 73.8, 77.4, and 81 for the Rare, Epic, and Legendary rarities respectively. They all three have the same 1.7x multiplier if you land a head shot.

The weapon is semi-automatic and holds 10 shells. You can even reload two shells at the same time. It has a tighter spread and a fast rate of fire. It's clear that the gun is meant to pepper enemies from a medium to close range.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games