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Command Table Add-on Shadowlands: Which One to Use?

Maldraxxus Command Table
Maldraxxus Command Table / Activision Blizzard

Command Table Add-on in Shadowlands is a useful tool to make sure you are getting the most out of the Adventure Table in your Covenant Sanctum.

Command Table Add-on Shadowlands

While there is not a one size fits all Command Table add-on, when combining two of the top Comand Table add-ons, you are set up for success.

When used in tandem, the addons Covenant Mission Helper and Venture Plan help elevate each other to great effect.

Covenant Mission Helper places the most optimal setup of Companions and troops without batting an eye. It will also predict how much health your units will have after the combat, so you can assess whether sending your units on any particular mission is worth it or not.

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A look at how Venture Plan transforms your Command Table's UI /

Venture Plan cleans up the Command Table UI, allowing for a more compact and efficient display of all the missions available.

Covenant Mission Helper and Venture Plan together help make your Command Table experience the smoothest, letting you set-and-forget your missions so you can play the game as you like!