Compact SMG Fortnite was a major change Wednesday in Fortnite Patch 9.01, which saw the weapon vaulted.

Fortnite Patch 9.01 brought about multiple changes to the meta, including a new weapon and two important tuning changes. First, the Tactical Assault Rifle was implemented as a new close range weapon, the Drum Gun and Baller were nerfed, and the compact SMG was vaulted.

The Drum Gun's damage was changed from 26/27 to 22/23 and the Baller's health dropped from 200 to 150.

Here's everything you need to know about the Compact SMG getting vaulted in Fortnite.

Compact SMG Fortnite: Weapon Vaulted in Patch 9.01

"Due to the recent addition of the Drum Gun and the brand new Tactical Assault Rifle, we wanted to reduce the availability of high rate-of-fire weapons," Epic Games said in the 9.01 patch notes.

The Drum Gun was unvaulted at the end of Season 8 following the in-game volcano event. The vault under Loot Lake opened up during the event and players voted on a weapon to be re-added to the game. The Drum Gun was essentially unanimously chosen.

The Tactical Assault Rifle now replaces the Compact SMG as a close quarters weapon, but it falters at range compared to other assault rifles.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games