Concepts for Wrecking Ball and Sojourn existed for years before those heroes’ eventual appearances in Overwatch, according to game director Jeff Kaplan.

Speaking on a live stream to celebrate the release of the Overwatch Storm Rising event, Kaplan fielded questions from select Overwatch streamers. At one point, he addressed the development process for heroes, saying the concept for Wrecking Ball has existed since before Overwatch’s release.

Sojourn had also been in development since at least 2015, and possibly as early as 2014.

Kaplan stated the team tends to bounce around to whatever it’s most excited by at the time. This leads to huge disparities in development time. He cited Orisa, Baptiste and Moira as heroes that moved quickly from concept to release, in stark contrast to the near half-decade development for the as-yet unreleased Sojourn.

Kaplan’s comments align with a November statement claiming the next six heroes to already be in development. Blizzard has confirmed Echo will not be Hero 31, but several strong options to claim that release spot remain available.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard