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Conscript Playable Platforms Explained

Catchweight Studio, Jordan Mochi

Conscript is an upcoming independent horror game that aims to be a new take on the classic survival horror style of gameplay. Set during the first world war a lone French soldier must navigate the threats and dangers in the trenches. Conscript is still in development so interested players could be wondering what platforms it will be available for.

Conscript Playable Platforms Explained

Conscript is an upcoming indie title developed solely by Jordan Mochi and his studio Catchweight Studio. Inspired by his love of history and passion for other survival horror games like Resident Evil 4 what started off as a passion project has now become Mochi's first commercial project. Thanks to a genrious132 percent backing on Kickstarter Conscript is scheduled for release next year.

In Conscript players will take control of a French soldier during the Battle of Verdun. Players will have to navigate the trenches with careful item management solve puzzles and survive with smart route planning. The game features unique pixel art aesthetics and a distinct historic theme. Conscript will also be highly replayable with multiple difficulties and endings for players to discover.

As of now Conscript will only be available on PCs through Steam or Good Old Games. Players can add the game to their wishlist on Steam but no official release date has been announced.

There are no plans to put Conscript on other game consoles as of now according to Mochi but he intends to have it at least brought to Mac and Linux. Players wishing to see it brought over to other platforms should give the game a try when it launches next year.