Containers with Windows in Fortnite: What Are They?

Containers with windows painted on them have been showing up in Fortnite as part of the Season X Spray and Pray challenges. Inside the containers are items and chests that you'll need to grab in order to fully complete this week's missions, both prestige and normal. Don't worry, these landmarks are pretty difficult to miss.

Here's everything you need to know about these fun, fenestrated cargo containers.

Containers with Windows Fortnite: What to do

It looks like Epic Games could give us all a lesson in mission creativity. In various parts of the map, you're going to run across large shipping containers with bright white cartoon windows painted on them. Inside these containers are chests that you'll need to get in order to complete this part of the objectives.

The locations of these shipping containers are as follows:

  • in the Lava Stream
  • slightly south of the Dusty Depot factories
  • snowy warehouses northeast of Happy Hamlet
  • Scrapyard south of Paradise Palms
  • Window container locations on the map.
    Window container locations on the map. /

    It's possible that more than one container will be in these locations so be sure to search thoroughly.

    Collectively, between the normal and prestige challenges, you'll have seven objective to complete. Completing these objectives in any amount in any order will net you great rewards such as over 5,000 XP points, dozens of battle stars, emotes, and cosmetics.

    Happy hunting!

    Photos courtesy of Epic Games.