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Cosmoteer Release Date: Everything We Know So Far

Image courtesy of Walternate Realities

A new spaceship designer and simulator game, Cosmoteer, is heading to Early Access. Here's what we know about the game's official release date.

Inspired by the likes of classic Sci-Fi, like Star Trek and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Cosmoteer aims to allow players to build and design their own Starship that they can pilot across the galaxy. Players will need to manage the crew, enter into dangerous space battles, and put their designs fully to the test.

The game is currently available to wish list on Steam, however the developers have spoken about the game heading to an Early Access state. In the game's FAQ on Steam, the developers said, "We estimate that Cosmoteer will be in Early Access for about one year, though that is open to change as the scope of the game changes."

When is the Cosmoteer Release Date?

So far, Cosmoteer is listed as releasing sometime in 2022. While the game has no current definitive release date, players will likely be able to experience the game in its Early Access state later this year.

"The current version of Cosmoteer is extremely polished and very stable. It will not feel "janky" like so many Early Access games, but you may find it a little light on content," the developers explained. "The price may increase during Early Access as new features and content are added to the game.”