League of Legends

Council Archives: What Do They Do?

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Council Archives were recently added to League of Legends in their game client following the release of their Netflix show, Arcane.

The Council Archives is an interactive experience that allows players to explore the history of Piltover and dive deeper into the lore of the League of Legends champions.

The Council Archives are split into four records corresponding with a champion: Jayce, Vi, Caitlyn, and Jinx. The archives will be periodically unlocked one at a time, following the release of new Arcane episodes each week.

Council Archives: What Do They Do?

On Nov. 8, Riot unlocked the first archive titled: Jayce's Journal. League of Legends fans are able to read through his journal, revealing the scientific studies that Jayce has been working on in Arcane. Each archive will go into detail that is uncovered in Arcane, but will also reveal more about the champion and the untold stories they hold.

Riot has released when the next archives will drop, followed by a description:

1. The Vi Collection : November 15

Learn more about Vi's unruly behavior and penchant for self-defense through the eyes of an uncaring overseer.

2. The Caitlyn Collection: November 22

Piece together the evidence collected by Caitlyn in her latest investigations of the undercity.

3. The Jinx Collection: November 24

Decipher the dangerously whimsical sketches of an unstable and lonely Jinx.

As the Council Archives continue to unlock as the show progresses, League of Legends fans can explore the world of Arcane and the stories of some of the most iconic League of Legend champions.