Counter Junkrat Abilities with This Awesome Overwatch Combo

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Junkrat is arguably one of the hardest heroes to counter in Overwatch, but a YouTuber that goes by the name of McMagicMarv has come up with a way to beat the troublemaking character.

Counter Junkrat Abilities with This Awesome Overwatch Combo

McMagicMarv shows off multiple ways to get past Junkrat's trap with four different heroes.

You can read more about the ways he taught players to use their abilities below:


Starting with Reinhardt, the player can use Fire Strike to break it completely or you can just use a regular attack to slowly damage it. From there, it can be broken by charging to the side of it so it's just in the hitbox without trapping the player.

Another way to do this is with Earth Shatter. This ability does 50 damage to the trap, then it can be charged into to fully break it.

Wrecking Ball

With Wrecking Ball, the player can use the Fireball ability to destroy the trap in one go.


D.VA can break the trap with her boosters if the trap is at 10HP. Anything can be done to take it down to that amount of HP, whether it's her melee attack or her blasters.


If they're playing Ashe, the player can either choose to shoot at the trap while scoped in once, or hip fire twice as long as you're within 30 meters.

From there, if the player sends out Bob, he won't become stuck and will just completely break the trap.