COV-AID Warzone Tournament Features Rob Gronkowski Playing With Pineaqples

COV-AID Warzone Tournament featured a mashup between NFL star Rob Gronkowski and famed gamers.
COV-AID Warzone Tournament featured a mashup between NFL star Rob Gronkowski and famed gamers. / Credit: @cov_aid

COV-AID Warzone Tournament results featured a mashup between NFL star Rob Gronkowski and famed gamers.

In the midst of unprecedented worldwide turmoil cause by an invisible force of nature, those strapped to the front lines are impelled to sacrifice their own health, time, and energy into protecting those in their respective regions. As health care workers and first responders provide vital services to their communities, one event has, and continues to, give back to those staring the novel coronavirus directly in the face.

COV-AID was a one-day, fully online streaming charity event that swept digital landscapes yesterday. All proceeds put into the massive, multi-platform event were then used to support those protecting their communities as well as those most affected.

COV-AID Warzone Tournament Results

Although featuring a plethora of games and musical entourages full of virtual fans, Warzone's feature came around 9:45 p.m. ET on May 5. The Call of Duty Warzone COV-AID tournament featured the likes of FaZe Bloo, Pineaqples, FroZone, SiLLY, Spacely, SoaR Gaming, TroyTroy, TygarLily, Ninja, and, of course, Rob Gronkowski.

Gronk's team consisted of himself along with FroZone, Pineaqples, and SiLLY.

Often known for his loving, goofy and charismatic persona off-the-field, Gronk holds that same stance when it comes to fragging out on Call of Duty servers.

"So we're about to play a livestream of Call of Duty Warzone. We are in a tournament for COV-AID. We have raised $360,000 dollars so far! Thank you to all the other gamers out there for helping out.

After a nice introduction on Pineaqple's Twitch stream, Gronk continued to highlight the COV-AID Warzone Charity Event in his comical ways:

"ATVs, I don't care if they're the same thing we'll take 'em all baby! We're gonna have assault rifles, grenade launchers, grenades, what else? Shotguns. I don't care. I've played in Super Bowls before, I've played in Little League state championship games - NOTHING compares to THIS game! This is the Call of Duty Warzone COV-AID Charity Tournament for the Boys & Girls Club, ladies and gentlemen.

"We're ready. We're ready for the biggest challenge of our life. And SiLLY's ready, and the guy that lives under the sea, Mr. Pinaqple is ready! And the guy that can go anywhere, in any weather, FroZone, is ready!"

Even in dire times, Gronk continues to lift those around him and provide laughs for gaming and NFL fans alike.

At the time of this publication, COV-AID has raised more than $370,000 to benefit Americares and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Feeling generous? You can donate here.