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Coven Ashe Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get

Coven Ashe is one of four new Coven skins.
Coven Ashe is one of four new Coven skins. / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The Coven Ashe skin is one of a bundle of new skins joining the witchy skin line, turning her from an icy warrior princess to a menacing black magic huntress, her blue frost replaced with purple miasma. Here's everything you need to know about the new skin.

Coven Ashe Skin Splash Art

Coven Ashe's splash art.
Coven Ashe's splash art. / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Coven Ashe's splash art gives players a closer look at the details of her new outfit. Her bow is silver and gold, with a fine, glowing, purple string. She wears a long white mantle with gold trim over a black skirt. Her purple and black boots reach up above her knees.

"They came to Ashe in a bone-deep chill—the frost of the jet-black Ibex, entombing the world in ice," reads the skin's lore description. "She descended the mountain and brought a harrowing winter with her... but that is not the only thing that followed Ashe into the night. The mountain itself rumbles."

Coven Ashe Price

Coven Ashe will cost players 1,350 RP when the skin arrives on League of Legends' live servers.

Coven Ashe Release Date

Coven Ashe is scheduled for release Thursday, Aug. 12.

How to Get Coven Ashe

Coven Ashe will be purchasable through the in-game item shop once it hits live servers.