Cracked Creator Warzone Tournament: Final Results

Image courtesy of BoomTV

Yesterday's Cracked Creator Warzone tournament saw pros and streamers compete for a $15,000 prize pool. Here's what went down.

Team Summertime and BoomTV have been keeping the excitement going in the first month of the year. Following on from the Code Red tournament, which saw duos compete for $25,000, the Cracked Creator event returned with duos battling it out yet again.

Up for grabs this time was a prize pool of $15,000, with first place walking away with the biggest chunk - $10,000. Each team consisted of one streamer and one pro, naturally making this a showdown of some serious skill.

So, who came out on top?

Cracked Creator Warzone Tournament: Final Results

There were 16 Duos competing this time around, but not everyone made it to the final eight. The likes of DrDisrespect and ZLaner found themselves knocked out early on, while Smixie and Scummn against BobbyPoff and Fifakill took their showdown to the grand final.

The final results were as follows:

  • 1st place: Smixie & Scummn - $10,000
  • 2nd place: BobbyPoff & Fifakill - $4,000
  • 3rd place: Swagg & SuperEvan - $1,000

The tournament took place on Caldera, and while not everyone's favorite map, it certainly made for a stacked show. The full list of teams who took part were:

  • DrDisrespect & ZLaner
  • LEGIQN & UnRationaL
  • Jorge & Exzachtt
  • Sebas & Jukeyz
  • Holly & newbz
  • Smixie & Scummn
  • Diesel & Rated
  • Testyment & itzwarsz
  • Swagg & SuperEvan
  • Bloo & JoeWo
  • Dirty & Destroy
  • Futives & Blazt
  • BlakeCissel & Tommey
  • Swishem & Almond
  • BobbyPoff & Fifakill
  • Queenshadows & Aydan