Crazy Redd Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Everything You Need to Know

Crazy Redd Animal Crossing: New Horizons hasn't changed much since his first appearance
Crazy Redd Animal Crossing: New Horizons hasn't changed much since his first appearance / Nintendo

Crazy Redd Animal Crossing: New Horizons makes a comeback in Nintendo's newest town-simulator installment.

Those who played the original Animal Crossing games will know all about "Crazy" Redd the fox. He has appeared in several titles in the series with the same phony sales schemes that leave the player's pockets hurting. New players will soon learn that their first interaction won't be the only time they get scammed by "cousin Redd."

Crazy Redd Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In New Horizons, Redd has started calling himself "Jolly Redd" and captains a boat he uses to travel from island to island selling his wares. His stock hasn't changed much since his first appearance in the first Animal Crossing, however. Artwork both real and genuine litters his inventory. It's up to players to know which is real and can be donated which is the fake.

Redd is known for his unfair sales and treatment of the player character under the guise of warmth and friendship. He often tries to create the illusion of exclusivity—charging players for even entering his tent or demanding they learn and recite a password.

While Redd may have tried to re-brand himself as "Jolly," older players will remember his original title as "Crazy" for all his "crazy deals." He was the original special vendor and would only show up to town once every few weeks on a certain date. Players could find him in his tent labelled "Black Market" with the word "black" crossed out in red marker.

In Wild World, it's implied that Redd may be working with Lyle as Redd sells forged paintings and Lyle sells forgery insurance.

It's believed that Redd and Tom Nook may have been business partners when the latter moved to the city to pursue his business dreams. Many players assume it's Redd who cut Nook a raw deal, causing him to return home to his small town empty-handed. Since then, the two have been deep in competition with each other.

Players have widely accepted that it's this bad blood that causes Redd to exclusively dock his boat at the back of your island on a secret beach.

Their feud also has ties in Japanese mythology. While it's commonly debated whether Nook is a regular raccoon or magical tanuki, most players accept Redd to be a kitsune. In Japanese legends, the tanuki and kitsune are mortal enemies.

Redd's birthday is Oct. 18, making him a Libra.