Crimsix Accuses Top Ranked Vanguard Player of Cheating

Image courtesy of Activision.

Call of Duty three-time world champion Crimsix has accused one of the top-ranked Vanguard players of cheating.

Even though there are many legitimate players in the top 250 on Vanguard ranked, the community has been divided by the many recent reports of hackers.

Crimsix believes that he has discovered another hacker while playing some ranked.

Crimsix Accuses #2 Ranked Vanguard Player of Cheating

In the tweet above, Crimsix stated that "So I’m playing some ranked... not streaming and neither is anyone in the game, notice that my teammate is hacking but he’s a moving around the map like he’s showcasing the graphics of a new game at E3,” he said. “Anyways, the other team starts blatantly aim-locking back. When I go to report him to the appropriate authorities, I notice he’s Top250. I go check, he’s #2 on the board.”

In the replies, users quickly came to the realization that Crimsix was likely talking about JoeDeceives, a player that often moves around the top five spots on the ranked leaderboard.

Many players came to his defense while others believed Crimsix to be telling the truth. JoeDeceives seemed just as confused as he replied "I didn't even do that good against him... I don't even know what I could have done to have him accuse me to this level."

Although there's no clear way to tell if Crimsix's accusation is true, it's safe to assume that this won't be the last time a player is accused of cheating in the top ranks.