Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Genesis DMW: How to Get 100%

Apocalypse in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion
Apocalypse in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion / Square Enix

Trying to get Genesis's DMW to 100% in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion? Here's what you need to know.

The DMW (Digital Mind Wave) is an important aspect to Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion's combat. With it activated, characters get powerful attacks and effects to aid them in their battles. With DMW active, you'll notice a slot-like mechanic spinning at the top of the screen. When the images match up, it can trigger either a Limit Break, Summon, or buff.

The more character portraits you unlock the more options you have during battle. Of course, the effect you get is random so you might not always get what you're gunning for.

Each character in Crisis Core will start with 10% DMW completion, and you'll need to do a variety of things to increase this to 100% over the course of the game.

How to Get 100% DMW Completion for Genesis in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

DMW completion is earned for characters by seeing six unique memories for each one. Four of the memories will increase the DMW by 10%, with the last two increasing it by 25%. Genesis works a bit differently, however.

For Genesis, players only need to see two memories. Each one increases the DMW by 45%. To get them, you'll need to be in Genesis Mode which can be largely down to luck. His Limit Break is Apocalypse, so one way to increase your chances of levelling up the DMW is to equip Genesis's Apocalypse DMW Materia alongside Lucky Stars, increasing the chance that he'll 'take over.' Find a mission that'll let you make the most of your DMW.

Expect a little bit of grinding, unless you're one of the lucky ones.