Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Number Guessing Game Guide


Similar to other games in the franchise, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion has its fair share of minigames with useful rewards. One of these is the number-guessing game, which can yield a variety of helpful consumables if correctly done.

The number-guessing minigame becomes available in Chapter 4, after Zack finds his wallet. A boy in the market area will ask Zack to guess how many children are in a group of people passing by. While correct answers will yield a random item, each try will cost 70 Gil.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion Number Guessing Game Guide

Although you yourself can guess how many children have passed by, it is also possible to ask the boy for a hint for an additional 70 Gil. Alternatively, you can ask Aerith for a hint for free.

Aerith's Hints

Depending on her affection level, Aerith will give you a handful of guesses, one of which being the correct answer.

  • High Affection: 2 guesses
  • Mid Affection: 3 guesses
  • Low Affection: 4 guesses

To narrow down Aerith's guesses, participating in the Materia or the Perfume Blending minigames can raise her affection level.

You can also ask both Aerith and the boy for guesses at the same time. If one of their guesses match, it's likely to be the correct answer.

Potential Rewards

Each correct answer will grant you a randomly chosen item. Note that some items are more likely to be rewarded than others.

  • Common Rewards: Potion, Soma
  • Less Common Rewards: Bronze Bangle, Hi-Potion, Thunder Materia, Blizzard Materia, Fire Materia
  • Rare Rewards: X-Potion, ATK Up, HP Up, Bronze Armlet, Bulletproof Vest

If you guess incorrectly, however, you'll receive a Tissue.